Policies, Terms & Additional Info

Below are our policies and info that cover our most commonly asked questions. 


Due to the amount of orders we've been receiving, our current turn around time from order placement to shipment is 2-12 business days unless they are pre-order items or unless otherwise stated in the announcement bar at the top of the page. If there is an issue with your order or it cannot be shipped within this time frame we will contact you.

If your package is marked as “delivered” by USPS but is not at your door please reach out to USPS by way of their contact page.


If you use a coupon code outside of the stipulations your order will be cancelled. (For example, if your shipping address is outside the USA and the code is for free shipping within the USA only.)


If your order arrives and there has been a nail mail casualty or there is an incorrect item, please email a picture of the item within 48 hours of delivery to customerservice@baronessx.com.  Along with the picture please include your order number.

Due to the nature of our products, all sales are final. Please contact us if you have any questions about your order. If you need to contact us for any other reason please send your order number. As long as this information is included we will be able to reply within 48 hours.


If you are a regular nail blogger with an established blog and followers we would be happy to consider working with you. If you have an interest please send your stats, expectations and what polishes you would like to review using this form. Just an FYI, there is currently a waiting list.

Salon Placement & Wholesale

Discounts are available for bulk/wholesale orders.

If you're interested in selling our polish in your salon please contact us at CustomerService@BaronessX.com. When contacting us please let us know what polishes you're interested in and how many you would like.

Application Tips

Glitter polishes are also known for being difficult to remove, try soaking your nails in remover and some cotton after you've gotten the top layers off.

It is important to turn your bottle upside down after giving it a good roll between your hands if it contains larger glitter.

Top Coat

All beauty gurus will recommend applying a top coat to your manicure to make it last longer and to make the finish smooth and glass-like. All glitter polishes no matter the company, will have some texture to them, so it is extra important to get a good top coat on those. Generally more glitter and smaller glitter will have more texture.

Base Coat

A base coat is a personal choice and you would need to find the one that works best with your body chemistry. Base coats can help with many things including wear time and staining. If a polish we produce is known to stain lightly it will state it in the listing. We do not sell polish that stains because it will be taken out of production or not released at all.


Another tip from the pros is to apply thin layers rather than one to two thick layers. This also helps your mani last longer since thinner layers reduce the likelihood of chipping.


Glitter polishes are also known for being difficult to remove, try soaking your nails in remover and some cotton after you've gotten the top layers off.

It is important to turn your bottle upside down after giving it a good roll between your hands if it contains larger glitter.



All nail lacquer bottles will contain one larger or two smaller stainless steel agitators to help with mixing since settling can occur, as usual this can be fixed by rolling and turning your bottle. Again, it is especially important to turn your bottle upside down a few minutes before application if it contains larger glitters! This reduces the need for fishing for those larger glitters. Some polishes will come with a small bag of extra glitter for placement. This is indicated in the listing.

Uniformity of Product

All products are made in batches and are intended to be consistent from batch to batch by using a formula or "recipe". However, there may still be a slight variation from batch to batch due to supplier changes or human error. If there is a very significant difference at the time of making the batch will not be used. If it happens later (sometimes things can change after time) we will notify you and work out a solution.


Thermal polishes are known to have a shorter shelf life than other polishes but this only affects the color changing properties. All our thermal polishes are made regularly so by the time it gets to you, it will only be a few days to a few weeks old at the most.

Consistency from Photo to Product 

Please note for the pictures from bloggers, the lighting conditions vary from blogger to blogger but they have been taking pictures for awhile and they will be color accurate. Again it depends on the lighting. Many of the special effects polishes will look quite different in different lighting situations. For example, don't expect to see holo glitter or pigment show off in the shade like it does in the sun.

Sometimes there can be a variation in color due to your monitor settings and your computer. For example, Mac computer monitors look different than some PC monitors.

Misc Terms


We use cookies on the site to keep track of sessions. The cookies themselves hold no customer information. By using the website you agree to accept the cookies. If you do not wish to have these cookies used, you can turn them off in your browser settings.

Referral Programs

You may refer customers and get rewarded based on whatever rewards program we have available at that time. You may not use the referral program to promote your own business, collect email address or any other personal information for anyone you are referring. For example, you may not ask for an email address or money to send out the discount. You may not use the Baroness X trademark to promote your own products or services.