NEW Round Silicone Mats for Fluid Art

Black & White Set (one of each)
Black, White, and Purple (one of each)
Purple (see note in description)
2 White
2 Black
2 Purple
3 White
3 Black
3 Purple

The new mats measure 4.8inches / 12.25cm across, old mats were 3.75"/9.5cm.

Silicone mats are a great way to create fluid art decals, stamping decals, or test out nail polish color combinations. 

Choose between a black, white, or purple round mats, or get one of each in the set. 

We have found this to be a perfect size for fluid art decals so you can tilt and turn the mat easily to manipulate the fluid art "pool". 

PRO TIP: Tilting the mat and spreading the thicker parts of the pool with a silicone tool or nail art brush allows for larger cells. This also means a larger decal that you can cut into multiple pieces to make many more decals.

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