Leatherette Top Coat - Matte Top Coat

Our Leatherette Top Coat is almost fully matte. It sits at 3 on a scale where 0 is super matte (Our Smokescreen Top Coat), 7 is our Sateen Top Coat from June '21 PPU, and our turnt up 11 is ultra high gloss/wet look, our best selling Hydromancy Top Coat (also from a past PPU). If you liked Sateen, you really need to give this top coat a try as well.

We've all seen how very matte top coats can drastically change the effect of how some finishes look. Our Leatherette top coat also creates an interesting effect, it acts like a matte top coat with just a touch of shine. This touch of shine allows magnetics and metallic elements to shine through unlike super matte top coats. These metallic and extra shiny element become the spotlight of the manicure. This would be a great top coat for photos due to these properties.

After giving the bottle a light shake/roll, just apply one coat and let it dry. It will have a smooth, leatherette-like feel to the touch which is a nice tactile effect. There is no shrinkage and it can last up to 7+ days of wear. (Hydromancy, our gel-like, wet look top coat is known for having a very long wear time and we've used it in this formula to extend the wear time for you.)

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