Bio-Exorcist - Green Glow In The Dark

Bio-Exorcist is on sale until the Day of the Dead (November 1st at Midnight)

Bio-Exorcist is a green glow in the dark topper that will transform any mani into a glow in the dark look! You can charge the glow in the dark the traditional way with UV light, sunlight, or led, but these also charge with body heat or by holding a hot drink. (This is the same GITD pigment used in our Sept PPU, Smoke & Mirrors.)

As with all GITD products using a lighter base will charge the pigment faster when using light to charge because you are charging the pigment particle from ALL sides with the light reflecting from behind as well.

Full sized bottles are 15ml and minis are 8ml.

Category: GITD, glow in the dark, green, topper

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