Charge - Neon Pink Creme (FA Mixer)

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Charge is a neon pink creme nail polish.

More about our Fluid Art Mixers:

  • The formula is thinner and meant to be used with fluid art polish, we are calling them fluid art mixers.
  • If used as a regular creme polish, they are opaque in 2 coats.
  • They can be used as a regular polish if you choose to use it for other nail art to compliment a fluid art pour (gradient sponging, etc.). 
  • This polish is not the "activator" that creates cells but it does help make cells larger and form more easily due to it's thinner consistency.

Check out the other colors in the Fluid Art Mixers Collection:

Fluid art pools in photos were created with: X Marks the Spot, Snow Leopard, and the last is with Maldives & White Lace.

*Neons should be stored in a cool, dark location for the longest shelf life. Due to the pigment required to make neons, they may fade over time. 

Thanks to @nailbastion and @bentminddesigns for the beautiful swatches!

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