GalaXy Prisms - Holographic Foil Flakies for Nail Art

Pleiades - holo flakes
Pleiades - holo flakes + 15ml Bind & Burnish

GalaXy Prisms Burnishing Powders let you customize your mani with a spectacular and brilliant holographic rainbow finish. The Prisms are holographic foil flakies, not glitter.

With our Bind & Burnish Base Coat you can now use burnishing powders, glitter and flakies with regular polish. No gel curing or wiping needed. 

The Pleiades flakies do have a unique finish. Though they are much more "pointy", a bit thicker and rigid than regular flakies, they still lay flat on the finger like flakies do. However, you might need a thicker top coat if you want that smoooooth feel. The does have an advantage though! Because they are a bit more rigid they give off an ultra holo effect you can't get with the super thin regular micro flakes, nor with silver holo glitter.

Purchase Pleiades alone or in a set with a full sized bottle of Bind & Burnish Base Coat for a $1.50 discount.


  1. Paint on a regular coat of the B&B Base Coat (not too thin or too thick).
  2. After about 45 seconds it's time to apply your powder.
  3. You can either use a makeup applicator pad or your fingertip to apply. Many customers have reported using a combination of the two.
  4. Let the base coat fully set for a minute and then finish off with our Liquid Crystal Top Coat, Assimilate or Hydromancy for a glossy finish.
  5. For a matte or slightly matte finish, use Smokescreen (the most matte) or Charmeuse (our satin top coat, it an in-between gloss and matte topcoat)

.3g of product per jar - this is enough for 10-12 full manis. Many people use this just for an accent nail so it would last much longer.

Pleiades - large silver holographic flakes

Thank you to @cosmeticsanctuary for the swatches


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