"Butterfly Wing" Fluid Art Effect Tool - Ball Chain


Stainless steel ball chain in 3 inch, 6 inch, 1 foot or 2 foot lengths (extra so you can cut into the size you desire and make more than one decal at a time). We think 3 inches is a good place to start with a length for each decal. or you can work with the full length of chain and clean it all up at the end but this can get a little messy.

We advise cleaning or using new chain for each decal or your designs will get "muddied".

Since it's stainless steel ball chain, it is safe to dunk into acetone to clean. Simply wipe down with a papertowel and let the acetone evaporate off.

Bentminddesigns tutorial here.

This is #3 ball chain, #3 ball chain balls measure 2.4mm wide.

If you purchase a ball chain it will be packaged with Porthole or in with another fluid art color in your order. We are doing this in an effort to keep our plastic use to a minimum.

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