Porthole - Clear Fluid Art Polish

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Turn any many into fluid art nails with all the colors already in your arsenal. This clear fluid art nail polish allows you to get the effect without committing to a specific fluid art color.

This polish creates the spotted "cell" effect as seen in fluid art nail polish designs.

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To use:

Drip spots of fluid art polish(s) onto a silicone mat in a puddle with thin, regular polish dispursed throughout. Fold the puddle of nail polish in half and open to watch the spots appear! Or you can flip the mat as if you are going to fold and then open again to manipulate the puddle.

FULL COVERAGE TECHNIQUE: When using this clear fluid art polish, you need to make sure that you are getting the fluid art polish mixed into the other colors. More than one creme based color needs to be used with this polish otherwise you won't get the full effect.

WINDOW TECHNIQUE: If you use it with one other color you can use the decal over another color or nail foils or use a base of one of our Galaxy Glints. Using this method Porthole acts as a "window" or "porthole" in the decal.

General Tips

  • The decal method is easier than the painting method
  • The painting method takes a bit of practice. Using this method, the fluid art polish should only be used as an "undie". Apply a thin coat of regular polish over the fluid art polish. Dollar store polishes tend to be popular for this because they often have a thin consistency, allowing for cells to bloom well.
  • Try to work quickly. You don't have to be super fast, but the solvents that evaporate in polish are needed to keep the fluidity of the polish. This will result in larger and more cells.
  • Fluid art usually doesn't work well with glitter or chunkier polishes as it interrupts the cell formation. In addition, if you do get cells, they can be hard to see because the glitter color can distract from the look of the cells depending on the color choices of polishes and glitter.

    Video tutorials for creating fluid art decals:

    Thank you to @michellebeahnrose @bentminddesigns and @lisahnails for the beautiful swatches and Polished Lifting for the video!

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